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Сотовые телефоны Siemens. S25 Tricks

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S25 Tricks

Sending a bitmap to the S25
First you have to activate the IrDa functionality of the S25 (menu-setup-fax/data mode-IrDa; 9-2-1). The S25 requires the following image size: 4 colours, 97x26 and saved as a 256 colour bitmap. Now you can send the image to your S25 via the IrDa-Interface or an optional data cable. If you are using Windows 95 you can use one of the programs below. If you are using Windows 98 you can send it per right mouse button click in the explorer!

Sending a midi-file to the S25
Midi Files are sent to the S25 like a bitmap, using the IrDa interface or the data cable. Only single-track midis should be used! After a successful transfer the new ringtone is stored as number 43 in alert tones-melody-x (3-4-x)

Quick access on dialed numbers
The quick access is available by pressing the green key

PIN2 modification
The modifications can't be made by menu, only by the following key combination:
**042*oldpin2*newpin2*newpin2# the old Pin2 is mostly 0000.

Check of the firmware version
Enter *#06# press the green key and then the left softkey.

Display llighting
It is possible to switch on the display illumination during activated key lock by pressing the red button.
According to Siemens uses 1 minute light approx.. 1 hour standby.

The buttons at the left side
You can modify the volume during a call, scroll down through menus and fade out the lower menu line during the reading of a SMS.

Fast Dial
The menu for Fast Dial modifications is placed at menu-setup-keys-left fast dial/right fast dial. (9-4-1 or 9-4-2)

Standby-time extension

  • Avoid repeated swichig between on and off
  • Switch off the automatic network selection
  • Use the silent alert only if necessary
  • Use the IrDA only if necessary. You may place it on a fast dial button
  • 1 minute light uses 1 hour standbyt
  • 1 minute Cell Broadcast uses 30 minutes standby
  • Switching the S25 on and announce to the network uses 2 hours standby

Quick access on "Environment"
If the Expert-mode is activated, you'll access the environment menu by pressing the upper volme key.

"fast" Language change

  • *#0000# & "green key" = language automatically
  • *#0001# & "green key" = language English
  • *#0030# & "green key" = language Greek
  • *#0031# & "green key" = language Dutch
  • *#0032# & "green key" = language French
  • *#0034# & "green key" = language Spanish
  • *#0039# & "green key" = language Italian
  • *#0049# & "green key" = language German
  • *#0090# & "green key" = language Turkish

There is almost a WAP-Browser in the S25, but it's deactivated by most of the german networks, because the browser doesn't support the current WAP specification 1.1 (just 1.0!).

Language coding:
The different types of language coding modes are activated/deactivated by the following inputs:

  • *#3370# activates Enhanced Full Rate. The sound quality is increased. standby reduces approx. 5%
  • #3370# deactivates Enhanced Full Rate
  • *4720# activates Half Rate Mode. The sound quality is reduced, standby increases approx. 30%
  • #4720# deactivates Half Rate Mode

Repeated SMS dispatch
If the disptatch of a SMS failed, you can repeat the dispatch immediately by pressing the lower volume key.

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